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Contusions from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

A contusion, commonly called a bruise, is often thought of as a minor type of injury that can occur from a motorcycle accident.  Although many bruises are painful they are not serious and one would not necessarily think of hiring a lawyer to help them fight with insurance companies or work with medical professionals in order to ensure that a bruise was treated correctly.   At the Pacific Attorney Group experience illustrates that there can be another side to bruises.  As with more obviously serious motorcycle accident injuries such as fractures or avulsions we feel you need to be fully informed on contusion injuries and have a knowledgeable advocate on your side to fully protect your interests.

The key thing to know about bruises is that they can cover up a much more serious problem.  Bruises can become serious when they are connected with severe injuries such as internal bleeding or fractures, both of which can occur from the violence and impact of a motorcycle accident.  Bruises are actually graded on a scale from ones that result in very little damage up to critical bruising that can cause death.  Severe bruising can cause bleeding and excess fluid to build up resulting in swelling.  The swelling then cuts off blood flow to tissues that vitally need it.  This can prove extremely harmful to internal organs including the brain and can cause these organs to function improperly or fail.  We feel it is vital that you enlist the aid of a dedicated and hard-working San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure your motorcycle accident contusions may receive appropriate medical attention.

What can be done in your defense?

Perhaps one of the worst contusions that a rider can receive from a motorcycle accident is a brain contusion.  A brain contusion can result in permanent brain cell damage.  It can cause additional pressure on the brain resulting in further brain tissue damage and if not diagnosed and handled can disrupt the functioning of the nerves in the brain.  Motorcycle accidents can be particularly tough on the brain due to the violent bouncing back and forth of the brain when the head is being severely thrown from side to side.

The injuries described above can drastically change your life and the lives of those you love.  If you have been involved in an injury you may face hospital bills, replacement of your motorcycle and related gear, loss of wages and future medical bills.  More importantly what may look like a common bruise may be covering up a more serious medical condition that requires urgent help.  It is a sad but true statement that medical professionals and insurance companies and their attorneys are not always willing to do what is necessary to compensate you for your damages.  Whether it is through the court system or by aggressive negotiations leading to a settlement, we pride ourselves on working hard on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome for your individual case.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego if you have received contusions from a motorcycle accident and desire competent and knowledge legal assistance for your case.

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